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Eyelash Extension Removal

When you have had your lash extensions for a while, you will notice that they might not be as full and amazing as they were after you got them done. Aside from getting an infill once in every 2-4 weeks, removing them is also a great option if they are damaged, or if you want to take a break.

Damaged Lashes

There are so many factors that can cause your extensions to go bad and not look fabulous anymore.

For example, picking or pulling at your lashes, using oil-based make-up products, and using waterproof mascara. When you do these, your lash extensions most definitely will go bad and not last long.

When your lashes are damaged, we remove them completely, access the health of your natural lash, and install a fresh set.

Never try to remove your lashes at home, and by yourself. You can damage your natural lashes in the process, and hinder their growth.

We know you can DIY for a lot of things, but with your lash extensions, it’s a no-go. You also stand the chance of irritating your eyelids. You don’t want that.

Although, you can just leave them to fall off by breaking the rules to making your extensions last longer. By this we mean; taking hot steamy showers, using oil-based eye products, and applying castor oil. This will over time weaken the glue.

This process is going to take a while for the lashes to fall off. The worst part is, they may not all fall off at once. So there is the tendency of pulling and picking at them. Plus, you don’t want to wear that kind of look – having your extensions growing out in different directions.

Getting your extensions removed professionally by us takes less than 15 minutes, and saves you the stress of waiting for long, or damaging your natural lashes.

Our Removal Process

When you book an appointment to remove your eyelash extensions, we remove them, access your lash health, and replace them with new ones, or tell you to take a break for like 2-4weeks to give your natural lashes time to grow.

The first thing we do is to place a tape or pad under your eyes to protect the skin around your eyes. Then, we apply an eyelash glue remover to your lashes, and let it sit in for a few minutes. We usually use a gel remover or a cream remover.

Next, we use tweezers or a swab to gently brush off the extensions. After this, we use a lint-free swab to brush off any residue from the glue remover on your natural lashes.

Then finally, we use a wet cotton pad to clean your natural lashes, fan them dry, and brush them out.

You can also use our oil-free lash shampoo and conditioner to clean your lashes thoroughly, before and after we install a new set.

Want to get your eyelash extension removed? Book an appointment with us right away. We offer professional lash extension removal services that leave your natural lashes undamaged.

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Angie is top notch when it comes to eyelash extensions. I went to her after going to someone who did not know what they were doing — sadly I had lost a ton of eyelashes 🙁 With her guidance and patience, she restored my lashes to be AMAZING. She is not only trustworthy, but has a true passion for it and it completely shows in her work. If I could give her 10 stars I would!!! She is truly amazing!
Megan Duca

Frequently Asked Questions

No. They only dissolve the glue on your extensions.

It’s risky to do so. Glue removers contain chemicals that may irritate your eyes or sensitive skin around your eyes if not applied properly.

There are several ways to care for your extensions to make sure they last as long as possible. Firstly, avoid rubbing your eyes when removing makeup or while washing your face. You should also not use an eyelash curler as it might yank out your extensions. Additionally, oil-based products and makeup removers will reduce the lifespan of your extensions.

Although the lashes are waterproof, swimming or using the sauna often will affect lash retention. It is also important that you do not get them wet for the first 48 hours, allowing the adhesive to cure properly.

Eyelash extensions normally last up to 2-4 weeks but it depends on your growth cycle. As extensions are attached to your real lashes, they fall out together when your lashes shed naturally.

It is completely normal for there to be gaps as your lashes shed at different times. Come back for a touch up every 2-4 weeks to maintain them.

When applied and removed correctly by a professional, extensions do not harm your natural lashes. You may think more of your lashes are shedding but this is an illusion caused by the darker and thicker extensions. Make sure you don’t pull on your extensions or rub your eyes too hard as this can cause accidental lash loss.

Eyelash extensions should not hurt when applied correctly. They are applied with professional tools by isolating one lash, and adhering one extension to your natural lash. Most Lash Artists put on under eye gel pads to prevent discomfort. It is important to go to a trusted Lash Artist who was certified through a reputable course as this will ensure that they are applying the correct weight and length of lashes to your natural lash.

You most definitely can wear make-up with your eyelash extensions. If you use regular make-up, it is recommended to use a daily cleanser with make-up remover that is safe for your lashes to remove residue at the end of the day. We suggest when wearing eye makeup you choose a water based eye shadow. It will be easier to remove and avoid from you having to rub your eyes and promote lash extension fallout.

Some medications can cause eyelash extensions to fall off. … The result of the medicine may involve becoming oilier, drier or more brittle. Every person’s lashes generally respond differently. Some vitamins may cause your hair to grow and others may cause your hairs to fall faster. We suggest asking your healthcare provider. If you are not taking medication, we suggest you go over your daily routine with your lash tech therefore you can find a solution.

We suggest you use goggles to the shower. If you do not like using goggles try to limit the amount of times you wash your hair per week, take a lukewarm shower or bath and cut your shower/ bath time in half.

We suggest taking a break twice a year  (every 6 months). After having them removed by a professional we recommend waiting 4 weeks before your fresh new lash extension set is applied.

There are two reasons why extensions may hurt. The most common reason is that they were not applied properly and they were applied to your skin. Lash extensions should not be painful so if they are hurting, have them removed by a professional.

No. Eyelash extensions are applied a tweezers tip away from your lash roots to avoid irritation or poking of the skin.

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