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Cuts & Coloring

Never found a hairstylist who actually understands what you’re looking for?
Well, aside from being professional hair stylists, we are also just human beings. And we stand for taking a human approach in hair styling. At our salon we listen, understand and talk honestly in order to understand what you actually want. We combine that with our years of experience, knowledge of latest trends and honed technique to give you a style that will be uniquely yours. A style that doesn’t just look amazing, but makes you feel good and confident about yourself.


Cutting hair is an art of its own, and in our opinion it goes deeper than just having good technique. We actually think about how your new cut will make you feel as a whole. Do you want something that enhances your happy personality? Or maybe you want to feel sharp and classy? Whatever it may be, we know how to adjust your cut to not only fit the structure of your body and face but also the personality that you have. All of this while listening to you and making you feel happy about the end result.


Looking for just a little extra pop in your hair? Make it look just a little catchier? Who doesn’t want that,right? It’s important to keep that natural look however. We know how to choose just the right lightness level, placement and size that fits you as a whole. Perfectly lining off those cheekbones, complementing your eyes and giving you haircut the accents where it needs it.

We have built up a profound expertise in coloring over the years, and believe there exist highlights for any type or color of hair. We even fit highlights to match the season and can do all of the latest trends like lowlights, babylights or ombré.


Looking for some highlights that look super organic? Kinda like you’ve been spending months on the beach? Then we think you should give balayage a try. Originally invented in France, the word means “to sweep”. It’s a style where the highlights are directly painted onto the hair freehand. This gives a less systematic look, a bit more surfer-chick if you’d like.

Applying a balayage takes experience, since it’s more artistic and does not use the help of guides or foil to work accurately. Don’t stress though, we’ve been doing balayage for many years and know how to make it fit perfectly to your hairstyle and personality.

If you want to experience a salon where the hair care expert answers all of your questions, makes you feel comfortable and takes their time with your hair, this is the salon to go to. Angelica is a sweetheart, too! She definitely gave me 5star treatment!
Maria Diaz


Highlights & Coloring

  • Full Hair Coloring
  • Root Touch Up
  • Double Process
  • Highlights
  • Partial Highlights
  • Balayage
  • Face Frame Lights
  • Glaze
  • Toner
  • Color Correction (by consultation)

Cuts & Treatments

  • Trim
  • Hair cut
  • Face Frame
  • Bangs
  • Blowout
  • Deep Hydration
  • Shine & Bounce
  • Olaplex

Frequently Asked Questions

As always, we recommend using a low-sulfate, color-safe shampoo, which also prevents your hair from drying out too much. Apply a good conditioner afterwards as well. Should you want to heat-style your hair, make sure to protect it with a thermal protector. Lastly, protect your hair from the sun as much as you can.

Balayage is a style of applying highlights. It uses a freehand ‘sweeping’ method, that gives a more organic highlight effect. Many people use balayage to achieve that sun-kissed hair like look. Classic highlights are done using protective foil and guides to make the process more accurate and get sharper accents in your hair.

Highlighting is a process of pre-lighting your hair. Choosing a profesional hairstylist with years of expertise will save the integrity of your hair. However by also taking good care of your hair at home  using a quality low-sulfate shampoo and conditioner you can keep your hair structure feeling and looking healthy.

Everyone is unique, therefore the most important thing is to get personal advice from a professional.  For people with a lighter skin color we would recommend getting a deep orange-red auburnish tone. If you have a bronze, light-brown skin tone you should go for a more coppery tone. Lastly, people with a darker skin color look great with a burgundy tone.

Sure! As you might know there are many shades of grey. No pun intended. Like a deep ash grey all the way up to a silver shine or some greyish-blonde. We know how to give new depth to gray hair to fit the style and personality you want to achieve. You might want to consider colouring your hair completely though as altered grey highlights become more maintenance.

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