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Spray Tans & Waxing

Spray Tans

Just want that perfect bronze tint for that upcoming holiday or special occasion? Or maybe you want to go for that full-body deep tint to edge out those muscles for that upcoming bodybuilding competition? Whether you’re an experienced spray tan lover or a total bronzing newbie, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Aside from guiding you through the procedure from A-Z, we’ll also help you pick a tint that fits you naturally. Our trained professionals give you advice on how long before the event you should get your tan and give you other relevant tips before coming. Next to that, you’ll get personalized advice on how to take care of your beautiful new color for the days to come. We also have a well ventilated salon and only use high quality products for our spray tans.

Spray Tan Levels

Find the type of tan that fits your style and goal.


  • Classic Spray Tan


  • Glow Spray Tan


  • Miami Spray Tan


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  • Call Us For Pricing
I have gotten every service done in this salon from lash extensions, hair color, spray tan and makeup. Angie and her team have always given me exactly what I wanted. I love how Angie is so honest and sweet. The salon is always clean and staff is always friendly. I highly recommend it to anyone because u won’t be disappointed.
Vanessa Rivera

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s possible that by overusing a self-tanner or spray tan solution (called DHA oversaturation), your skin reacts on turns slightly orange. When applied by a professional however, who will guide you on picking the right tint and will apply it professionally, this should never happen.

Spray tanning solutions contain a chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is not considered exactly healthy when inhaled. When used properly however, by a professional and in a well-ventilated area like our salon, it’s a completely safe and harmless procedure.

On average, spray tans last around 10 days, depending on your skin and how well you take care of it. Don’t worry though, we’ll give you personalized expert advice on how you should take proper care of your tan.

It’s important to follow the advice we give you at the salon on how to take care of your tan. You cannot shower for several hours and should avoid any type of moisture. This will dilute and wash off the active ingredients before they have the time to take full effect.

No, we use quality spray tanning liquid that gives off no smell whatsoever.

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