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Competition Spray Tans

Looking for a spray tanner to prepare you for that upcoming bodybuilding competition? At Angels Dream we specialize in exactly that. Not only do we have years of experience in working with bodybuilders and competition tanning, we also adapt it to your competition’s category restrictions and judging criteria. Every competition tan consists of 2-3 sessions in the days before the event, touch-ups can always be made and a final bronzer is also included on the day of the competition.

We’ll provide you with expert pre- and post- tanning advice to get that perfect result you need on stage. In terms of the applications itself, we use a special layering technique for competition tans to highlight every important muscle. We know how to maximize muscle definition while keeping your tan even and natural-looking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bodybuilders often have a dry skin due to water rationing, physical stress and excessive sweating in the weeks running up to the competition. Therefore you should be using a high-quality moisturizer in the weeks before your competition spray tan session. Your skin needs to be healthy and not too dry for the spray tanning solution to work properly.

Also make sure to be completely shaved for your first session. You don’t want some parts of your skin to be missed. Make sure to wear loose-fitted clothing. No elastic stuff. Tight clothing might rub and smudge the tan.

Ideally you also want to bring your competition outfit and the glaze you will be using to test if everything will work fine on the event day.

It depends on the requirements of your competitions and the category you compete in. But on average you’ll need 2 spray tan sessions and a bronzer that will be applied on the evening before the competition or the morning of the competition.

On average spray tans last 2 weeks. However it could be as short as 5 days if you have a really dry skin. The better you take care of it the longer it will last.

That depends on the requirements of your competitions and the category you compete in. Contact us to get a price specific to your situation.

First wash your skin with an emollient soap and then use a body scrub that doesn’t contain any oil mix it with baking powder and lemon juice. Make sure you moisturize after to avoid dry cracked skin.

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