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Spray Tans & Waxing


Looking for that super silky-smooth skin? Waxing doesn’t only remove your hair from the very root, it also removes hair for a way longer period of time, allowing you to enjoy that smoothness without having to worry about maintaining it as often.

Let’s be honest, nobody particularly loves getting waxed. However, we’ll make sure it’ll be done in a smooth, professional & quick manner, just making it less of a hassle. We’re waxing specialists and use quality products, the right type of wax, at the right temperature and prep your hair and skin correctly. On top of this we also provide you with professional advice before and after to make the procedure and recovery a smoother experience.

Waxing Services

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Ready to show off those beautiful legs in that new dress you bought, but not feeling 100% confident? Or maybe you’re getting ready for that bodybuilding competition? Just leave it to us! We’ll give you the best leg waxing job you’ve ever had, promised.

  • Legs Waxing


Get that sharp gaze by waxing your brows into perfect definition. We have meticulous experts that can shape your brown to fit your style perfectly.

  • Eyebrows Waxing


Need that ultra smooth face? Waxing actually removes your facial hair completely instead of just razoring it down. Not only will you be surprised by the level of silkyness, but also by how long it lasts.

  • Beard Waxing

Lip & Chin

Want those extra-kissable lips that just look killer-clean. Waxing them is the way to go.

  • Upper Lip Waxing
  • Chin Waxing


Not a fan of that fuzzy feeling every time somebody touched your arm? Waxing your arms is one of the best ways to get rid of your arm hair efficiently and for a good period of time.

  • Arm Waxing


Can’t get those armpits perfectly smooth? It still keeps feeling a tiny bit rough everytime you swing your arm? Well, you should try waxing them! This actually removes hair at the very root, making sure hair grows back more softly as well.

  • Arm Pits Waxing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Having a well hydrated skin is essential. When you’re well hydrated your pores don’t hold on to the hair as hard, allowing for a smoother release. This means drinking enough water beforehand and not drinking alcohol the night before. Also taking a hot shower right before your appointment helps opening up the pores.

Make sure you’re not sweating when coming in for your appointment, it’ll be harder for the wax to actually stick.

If you can exfoliate your skin 2-3 times during the week beforehand, that’d be great. This lifts hairs that are stuck and helps remove dead skin from your pores, which will make removal easier.

For women, don’t schedule your appointment during your period, you will be more sensitive and the process will be more painful.

Soft wax is used with strips and is used for larger hair areas like legs & back. Hard wax is used on its own, without strips. It hardens out and is thicker, this allows you to pull off the piece of wax itself once it has hardened again. Hard wax is mostly used for smaller hair areas like brows.

Make sure to avoid sun exposure when you feel discomfort, this will dry out your skin and increase irritability. Also use soothing lotions or plant-based oils, like almond or coconut oil to moisturize your skin and let it recover more quickly. If you are experiencing discomfort you can always apply a cold compress to alleviate your discomfort.

When done long enough and with the right frequency, which is every 4-5 weeks, waxing will slow down and reduce the amount of hair growth. This happens because it pulls out the hair from the very root. This allows pores to close more because of which finer hair will grow back.

When done correctly and applied by a professional, waxing will not damage the skin. It will open up the pores which might make your skin a bit more sensitive. This irritation will disappear one hour after your service.

It might very well be the best. Although it is considered uncomfortable, it removes hair at the very root without chances of damaging the skin. Hair will take way longer to grow back and will be finer and easier to wax again. Razors might rash or damage the skin while wax doesn’t.

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